New York Uncontested Divorce

New York Divorce
We know that divorce can be difficult and expensive. The most inexpensive way to get a divorce in New York is an “uncontested divorce”. If you and your spouse agree on property/debt division and all child related issues, you can file for a New York uncontested divorce. When you purchase legal forms from a legal form site you do not get legal advice, but  our firm provides you with legal advice every step of the way. [ See the difference ]. offers two options:

  • A self-help New York uncontested divorce package that you can purchase online and file yourself. Legal advice is included.  We provide online legal services for uncontested divorces throughout NY state.
  • Full service representation for contested New York divorces. If you have a contested divorce contact us here for additional information and pricing.
New York Divorce New York Divorce & Marital Separation Agreement (MSA) Package
For couples who already have an MSA and/or do not have minor children in common or any joint property/debts. For couples who do not have an existing MSA, and/or couples with joint property/debts, minor children or other issues.

It’s free to fill out our online Questionnaire, and there is no time limit. Save your answers and return as often as you like.  After you finish, you can decide whether or not to purchase.

Our New York Uncontested or “No-Fault” Divorce includes:

  • Legal Advice to help you every step of the way.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • A Parenting Plan for determining child-related issues such as child custody and visitation schedules. You complete the Parenting Plan online, we review it, and then upload it to your secure MyLegalAffairs page. You use this Parenting Plan to negotiate with your spouse, until you arrive at an agreement that you both can live with.
  • Lifetime free telephone and email support to guide you through every step of the process.
  • Child financial support documents, including calculation worksheets and provisions for securing court-ordered support.
  • Name change provision for wife to revert to maiden name.
  • Free delivery of your order in paper format, as well as up-loading of completed forms to your secure and individualized MyLegalAffairs page.
  • Expedited service available for an additional $50.00.

You can purchase a NY Marital Separation Agreement separately — or purchase the NY Divorce and Marital Separation Agreement Package (best value):

  • New York Marital Separation Agreement - this agreement is necessary when the parties have children in common, property or debt that needs to be divided, or other issues for which the parties want a written agreement.
  • New York Divorce - for couples who already have a Marital Separation Agreement and/or do not have minor children in common or any joint property/debts.
  • New York Divorce and Marital Separation Agreement Package - for couples who do not have an existing Marital Separation Agreement, and/or those with joint property/debts, children or other issues.

Our online questionnaire will collect info the firm needs to generate your documents to obtain a no-fault uncontested divorce in New York Supreme Court as a pro se litigant under the no-fault grounds of 1) Irretrievable Breakdown, or 2) Voluntary Separation.

Be prepared to pay court fees directly to the court when you file your papers.

Court filing fees for a divorce New York are: Index number $210.00; RJI Fee$90.00; Note of Issue: $30.00; Certificate of Dissolution: $5.00.  You must pay by check or cash. No credit cards accepted by the court.